What if I said that by having less stuff it can open you up to more of the things that really matter.

Now, you may well be asking “How can having less, give you more?” Well, just give me a few minutes of your time, read a post or two and see whether or not you agree.

Yes, I do believe that less can mean more, and I am a Minimalist, but trust me I’m not that vision you may have of a guy living in the woods with just one pair of pants, growing his own vegetables. There are many definitions of minimalism originating from Zen Buddhism philosophy, but sitting on the floor in an empty room albeit minimalist is not where I sit on the scale either. My definition of minimalism merely is that everything you own must be either functional or bring you joy, or indeed both at the same time if you’re smart.

To kick things off, if you imagine someone asking you “what do you own?”, you’ll inevitably start by answering with the big things like a home, a car, followed by the belongings you use most frequently such as a laptop, a phone, a bike perhaps. Then the list will tend to include some items you’re proud of such as a nice watch or a specific article of clothing. However, after a while, you’ll no doubt have exhausted your memory and probably say, “and other stuff “. Well, it’s this “stuff” that I’m wanting to write about and to tell you why getting rid of it, will, in fact, be beneficial for you.

So, why now? Well, I moved not too long ago from a three-bedroom house to a one-bedroom flat so you could say being a minimalist is out of necessity, but the truth is I’ve never really had much stuff, and the move has only gone to highlight the positives of this reality. And so, this blog is simply a platform for me to share my thoughts, openly try to improve my writing skills and secretly* encourage my partner to take on board my thinking.

As I said, it’s only a one bedroom flat, and she just has way too much stuff!


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Tom Chaney
Designer, Blogger, Minimalist
London, UK

*OK, maybe not now.